After a long experience in his father's achievements in residential buildings, villages, urban works and infrastructure projects both in Italy and abroad in the '60s and '70s, Dr. Ciro LIBERTI in 1981 promotes the transformation of "Comm. Giuseppe Liberti Costruzioni "in society" COEDIL SUD Srl ", divided into various sections, specializing in the areas of public and private.
The COEDIL SUD S.r.l. is a company that has been operating in the specialized sector of the restoration of monumental buildings and in construction from scratch of architectural artifacts, with direct and indirect staff highly qualified and that has always run research programs and innovative applications. Company has always been attentive to the rapid changes in technology applicable to the field, achieves this purpose investigations and structural monitoring using innovative techniques: ultrasound, thermography, radarstratigrafie, which allow monitoring of buildings and structures in general for finding design solutions advanced degree and aims to further the objectives set by the client.
The COEDIL SUD S.r.l. now carries out services ranging from analysis of the project prior to the execution of the work and testing of the product according to scientific criteria of reliability.
The COEDIL SUD S.r.l. operates as a construction company providing both the construction of new buildings and building maintenance services to both ordinary and extraordinary technology and has obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001. SOA has certifications for Class VI classification OG2 and OG1 V classification category.
In A.T.I. with the Coimp Sud S.r.l. work for the formation and maintenance of technological systems (SOA cat registration. OG11 class IV - OS28 OS30 classification III and III).